Skeleton Tree

By Kim Ventrella

Published: 2017

AR Level: 4.6

AR Points: 7.0

9781338042719_p0_v2_s600x595I suggest: 3rd through 8th grade

Have you ever reviewed a friend’s work? It’s not easy. So, it’s a huge relief when the book I read that belonged to someone I know turned out to be awesome, and it’s something I know other’s will find most worthwhile.

Skeleton Tree takes middle grade readers on a funny, heartwarming, and even heartbreaking ride. Talking about death is never easy, but this book takes a character through grief while enchanting us with a skeleton first growing in the back yard, then leading us on a merry chase.

You’ll love the character development, and your child will love the humor and intrigue. Ventrella pulls it all together in the end, and I highly recommend reading this book with or to your child (I still read a chapter from a book to my fourth grader each night before she goes off and does her own reading). It will be sure to be a great conversation starter!

Description from B&N:

Twelve-year-old Stanly knows the bone growing in his yard is a little weird, but that’s okay, because now he’ll have the perfect photo to submit to the Young Discoverer’s Competition. With such a unique find, he’s sure to win the grand prize.

But, oddly, the bone doesn’t appear in any photos. Even stranger, it seems to be growing into a full skeleton . . . one that only children can see.

There’s just one person who doesn’t find any of this weird—Stanly’s little sister. Mischievous Miren adopts the skeleton as a friend, and soon, the two become inseparable playmates.

When Miren starts to grow sick, Stanly suspects that the skeleton is responsible and does everything in his power to drive the creature away. However, Miren is desperate not to lose her friend, forcing Stanly to question everything he’s ever believed about life, love, and the mysterious forces that connect us.

Official book trailer:

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