By Amy Tintera

Published: 2013

AR level: 4.7

AR points: 12.0

Word count: 81,217

I suggest: 7th grade+

rebootI saw this on the B&N shelves a few years ago, and although it appealed, I never got around to reading it. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was missing out on a book that was exciting, compelling, and thought-provoking.

Why do I say that? The action in Reboot moves the book scene to scene. At the same time, Tintera builds her characters throughout, ensuring that the action scenes are not throw away, but instead keep the reader highly involved. The violence and some of the content is a little more mature, so you may want to wait until that reader is middle school level, but this is a great book to read and discuss together.

Here’s the description form B&N:
In this fast-paced dystopian thrill ride from New York Times–bestselling author Amy Tintera, perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Legend, and Divergent, a seventeen-year-old girl returns from death as a Reboot and is trained as an elite crime-fighting soldier . . . until she is given an order she refuses to obey.

Wren Connolly died five years ago, only to Reboot after 178 minutes. Now she is one of the deadliest Reboots around . . . unlike her newest trainee, Callum 22, who is practically still human. As Wren tries to teach Callum how to be a soldier, his hopeful smile works its way past her defenses. Unfortunately, Callum’s big heart also makes him a liability, and Wren is ordered to eliminate him. To save Callum, Wren will have to risk it all.

Wren’s captivating voice and unlikely romance with Callum will keep readers glued to the page in Amy Tintera’s high-stakes alternate reality, and diving straight into its action-packed sequel, Rebel.

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