Night of the Amber Moon

By Helen Dunlap Newton

Published: 2021

I suggest: 4th grade+

Both creepy and heartwarming, Night of the Amber Moon tells the story of 11-year-old Izzy, a girl with a hard problem. Telling a story of dealing with guilt, Newton leads readers on a path to forgiveness, with just the right amount of suspense.

With an intriguing start and a satisfying finish, this story gives us a main character who has to use her persistence to solve an old mystery and tackle her own challenges. It’s a great read for a chilly night, and middle grade readers will certainly enjoy this journey.

Here’s the publisher description:

Izzy just wants to be a normal eleven-year-old kid with friends, less homework and a dad that doesn’t turn mean when he drinks. Having a birthday party would help but how does she convince her parents when there’s never enough money? None of it matters when her family’s house burns to the ground and her father doesn’t escape the flames. Even worse is the guilt she feels, thinking the fire is her fault. Afraid to tell anyone about the cause of the fire, Izzy obsesses about the old brick theater next to the family’s store and the strange noises from deep inside the building. Will an elusive cat, the creepy theater, and a strange old lady guide her to the forgiveness she so desperately needs?

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