This is a blog that gives kids and parents ideas for books in the chapter book, middle grade and young adult (teen) genres. Unlike other blogs that follow bestsellers or feature books for revenue, I’ve read every book on here and can therefore hopefully give parents some ideas on what their kids might enjoy about it.

So, check out the category list below to get started on finding a perfect book. AR (Accelerated Reader) information is included. I’ll be adding more every week, so follow the blog (signup below) or check back often!

This site has a secondary purpose as well. If you are a writer for children and teens, you’ll find that as this site continues to grow, it will become a resource for “comps,” which is an important part of any query letter or book proposal. “Comps” are books that are like yours, usually published in the last five years, that show how your idea is both popular and different for the market. So, explore away!

M.M. (Megan) Cox

Website: mmcoxbooks.com

Megan on the ice with her two children

A writer for children and teens, as well as a mother of two voracious readers (and, let’s face it, an obsessive reader herself), Megan began Kid List when she found herself becoming a go-to source for parents on getting kids excited about reading. Megan’s kids love reading, not only because they get prizes from reaching AR goals, but also (and mostly) because it gives them an excuse to dive into a great story. She is the author of the award-winning Accidental Mobster series. Learn more about why she does what she does!

Linda Fry

A Canadian transplant living in Oklahoma, Linda Fry is an author of young adult fiction who enjoys exploring the paranormal and mystical in her writing. While completing her final semester at Oklahoma City University’s Red Earth MFA program in creative writing, she blogs for Kid List, a children’s literature resource for parents, readers, and teachers. She’s a member of Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Romance Writers of America, and Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc and for 6 years attended the West Texas Writer’s Academy. Linda is a wife and a zookeeper to three dogs, five cats, and three teens. As the mother of a bisexual daughter, she’s an advocate for the LGBTQ community and parents of LGBTQ kids. When she’s not writing, she can be found painting, drawing, or cooking.

John Davidson


John Davidson was born and raised in the middle of Oklahoma. After a stint of college baseball and playing musical majors (none of those involved music), he attended the University of Central Oklahoma where he received a BA in English and MA in Creative Writing. He traded one passion for another and put aside his love of creative writing to teach junior high and high school students before moving on to work in educational technology. He’s since returned to his first love, and hopes that his YA Contemp BRICKS, published by Anaiah Press in Feb of 2015 will be the first of a gazillion more. His most favorite books to write are YA and MG sci-fi and fantasy, and he’s recently tried his hand at writing funny stuff. He is an active member of SCBWI.