The Bad Guys

How can you not fall in love with the big bad wolf when he’s trying to show you what a nice guy he is? And when all his bad guy friends fail to cooperate during his persuasive little speech about being good,  and then they all make a crazy–CRAZY–plan to change their image, how can you not laugh your head off?

Dog Man

I will admit I was adverse to this book at first. It looked pretty goofy. But then I remembered something important:

Kids love goofy.

Magic Tree House Series

The popularity of this children’s series, which began publication in the 1990s, cannot be denied. The series came out when I’d already graduated into adult novels, so until my daughter picked them up, they were just barely on my radar. Now, I’ve read many of them, and I am thrilled that this series exists for our kids.

The Haunted Library

This little gem is the first in a chapter book series that really got my daughter “hooked on books.” In the same category is Puppy Place and Magic Treehouse, but I like this because it gave her something fun and spooky…a little outside the norm. Some cute illustrations help kids who are finding their way out of picture books and into ones with narratives.