CatStronauts: Mission Moon

If you ever want to see your second grader have a meltdown in Barnes and Noble, then take him to get his free copy of CatStronauts: Mission Moon for completing his reading list, and then find out the store is out of them.

The Last Kids on Earth

By Max Brallier Illustrated by Douglas Holgate Published 2015 AR Level: 4.1 AR Points: 3.0 Word Count: 21916 I suggest 3rd through 6th (but don’t be surprised to see 7th graders enjoying a sneaky read!) You had me at MONSTER APOCALYPSE!(!!!) The first in a highly popular “Last Kid’s” series, this book is a romp….

The Bad Guys

How can you not fall in love with the big bad wolf when he’s trying to show you what a nice guy he is? And when all his bad guy friends fail to cooperate during his persuasive little speech about being good,  and then they all make a crazy–CRAZY–plan to change their image, how can you not laugh your head off?

Dog Man

I will admit I was adverse to this book at first. It looked pretty goofy. But then I remembered something important:

Kids love goofy.